Self Sufficient Living

Self Sufficient Living

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> Greywater
> Solar Heating

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Self Sufficient Living

Orchard Self Sufficiency Guide is a practical guide to increasing the self sufficiency of any household in any environment. You don't need to be rich or live on a farm to be able to Grow your own food and reduce your bills with Solar heating, Rainwater harvesting, and Off grid power to almost zero. From a suburban family to a high rise city dweller, anyone can increase their self sufficiency in some way. Self sufficient living reduces your Carbon Footprint by making small changes in every area of your everyday life.

Self Sufficient Living is a wide ranging topic with much information available on each aspect individually. This site concentrates solely on how these methods can be acheived despite a lack of knowledge, space, time or money. For more information on a specific subject there are links to free eBooks and subject specific sites as well as references to "The Book" (The Complete Guide to Self Sufficiency - Essential reading that practically invented modern sustainable living over 30 years ago).

Self Sufficient Living

Off Grid Power

Off Grid Solar Power

Off Grid Wind Power

How to Make Biodiesel

Saving Water

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Greywater Systems

DIY Solar Heating

Grow Your Own Food

Grow Herbs

Grow Vegetables

Grow Soft Fruit

Make Your Own Compost

Home Beekeeping

Raising Backyard Chickens

Self Sufficient Living eBooks

Self Sufficiency Websites

Self Sufficiency incorporates ideas of sustainable living which we will all have to inevitably abide by. Future generations will not have the luxury of the abundance of Earth's resources that we currently rely on, and eventually all aspects of urban self sufficiency will become commonplace in a more sustainable society.

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