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Off Grid Wind Power

Wind TurbineGenerating energy from the wind is surprisingly simple, utilising a standard generator with a coil of wire turning around magnets like an electric motor in reverse. Home wind turbines are not as common in urban areas, as the winds speed and stability are compromised by surrounding buildings, but it is estimated that at least 2 out of 5 urban homes have the conditions needed to make home wind generation financially viable. When you consider some of the cheaper alternatives to a commercial installation, this number can increase to almost all.

Off grid wind power is quite unpredictable, producing hardly any power in low winds and far too much in strong winds. This makes it more suited to connection to a series of batteries rather than the mains. Grid connection installations are also less cost efficient, as the payback on a system costing thousands is often over 20 years. It is best to have enough battery storage for 2 weeks with no wind, which should be enough to store all the energy a heavy wind might give you.

While wind capturing technology has remained largely unchanged, the evolution of large batteries (mainly for the electric car) is in full operation. Deep-cycle batteries are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to selling excess power back to the grid, as new markets and technological advances bring down the production costs, older batteries can even be obtained for free from certain sources. Payback time on the costs of such a system can be significantly reduced compared to that of an expensive grid installation.

For detailed instructions on how to build your own wind turbine, and connect it to your power supply, as well as advice on how to obtain the necessary parts as cheaply as possible, or even for free, Earth4Energy is the most comprehensive guide to generating your own electricity. With instructional videos, guides and an exclusive members area, you can recieve all the help you could possibly need in making your own wind turbine, and using it to supply power to your home for free and without damage to the environment. Check out Earth4Energy today to see how your home could generate it's own power and save on electricity bills forever.



Wind.pdf - Basic information on Wind Power.

Wind Energy Myths.pdf - Common misunderstandings about Wind Energy.

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