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Saving Water

Saving WaterWater is not the endless resource we assume it to be. Less than 1% of the total volume of water on earth is drinkable, and yet we use most of this water to flush our toilets and keep our gardens looking pretty. It seems insane that this water instantly becomes sewage after use, and requires extensive treatment before it can be dumped into the sea. And so we have yet another unsustainable practice in our society today.

Going off-grid is still a radical and ambitious idea, but installing Greywater systems and Rainwater harvesting systems which preserve and prevent some of that waste are becoming much more popular with ordinary householders for both environmental and economic factors. It is heavily speculated that at some point in the near future, the price of water will exceed that of oil per barrel. As that day nears systems such as Rainwater harvesting and Greywater systems will become standard installations in every home. Self-sufficiency is a blueprint for success in a sustainable future

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