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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater filterRainwater harvesting systems are becoming increasingly popular as a viable solution to sustainable living in the 21st century. New builds are increasingly utilising this method as it can have the shortest payback time of all eco-friendly systems, particularly for commercial use where roofs are large and quantity is required. Domestic systems can range in size from a large storage tank buried in your garden to flush your toilets and wash your car, to a water butt which can water your lawn, (particularly useful in a hose-pipe ban) economically and without high installation costs.

As with Solar and Wind harvesting, how much you can collect depends largely on your geographical location's general weather conditions, but most heavily populated areas have adequate rainfall. In some areas (such as tropical islands) rainwater harvesting is crucial for survival during the dry season, as it can provide all water needs for 6 months before rains begin to replenish the supply. Whilst rainwater is safe to drink, urban pollution makes it unwise to do so. It is most usefull in combination with recycled water for uses such as flushing toilets, for which greywater is unsuitable, so that a complete system can be installed which requires no ongoing effort.


Rainwater-Harvesting.pdf - Additional information on Rainwater Harvesting.

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