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Off Grid Power

Pylon Generating your own power is not as impossible as it sounds. A large Off grid Solar or Wind installation might cost tens of thousands but for most people this would not be practical anyway. Insulating your home and saving electricity can reduce your bills significantly. To produce the amount that the average household uses is not practical. While fairly large amounts can be produced they could be matched by reducing consumption by the same amount without affecting your lifestyle. Some households could reduce utility bills to almost zero by using all three of these methods:

  • Use Less: Simple energy saving tips can significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce.
  • Efficient Use: Insulation is key to efficient use of energy, along with an efficient boiler, and energy efficient appliances. For smaller budgets, radiator reflectors and draught excluders can make some difference, and are usually cost effective.
  • Harvesting: Wind power and Solar panels can be cheaper than you think, Solar Thermal Water Heating and Biodiesel production are also possible on the smallest of scale

In all power generation methods the power travels one way (as opposed to our usual power supply which can travel both ways many times a second) so much of the cost of a full system is spent connecting the intake supply to the grid to send unused surplus back to the grid. You can bypass this by connecting to a series of deep-cycle batteries and running appliances directly from them. Deep cycle batteries can give about 12 hours of continuous power which is perfect for solar collection, and can store power until it is needed, which can eliminate the disadvantage of unpredictable winds.

For anyone interested in self sufficiency, living off grid is an attractive prospect, but this is only possible if the energy is used efficiently. There are several projects that you can undertake which will reduce your utility bills, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. The difficulty of each project can vary, as can the cost, but all will eventually pay back the initial cost in reduced utility bills within a certain number of years. Doing much of the work yourself can save you thousands, and allow you to grow your system to meet your needs. This is just one of the reasons why DIY solar and wind energy guides have become so popular over the years. Now Earth4Energy, the original and most popular guide on which all other DIY energy guides are based, has added a set of instructional videos to it's package, making it even easier to follow.

We offer a free eBook with plans for making a biodiesel reactor on this site, but would have no clue how to actually build it, whereas earth4energy is aimed at those with little knowledge of how to build or install a renewable energy system from scratch, with detailed written and visual instructions for each step in the process. Earth4Energy also shows you how to get the materials you need for free, such as deep cycle batteries which can cost over $100 each and requires several to be effective. You can start producing your own energy for as little as $200 and have lifetime access to all materials and future updates you need to build your own Solar or Wind energy system.



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