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Grow Herbs and Salad Leaves

 HerbsHerbs are a great idea for a small pot or windowbox, particularly those which are best enjoyed fresh, such as basil or parsley, although drying herbs such as oregano is quite acheivable in a small space. A good way to tell which herbs are best enjoyed fresh is to see what varieties your local supermarket sells in pots of soil (still alive), although it's usually better to buy seedlings to grow yourself from a reputable dealer. Buying from seed is also an incredibly economical option, although some, such as parsley and sage, are difficult to germinate. You should always consider the herbs you are most likely to use yourself.

Salad leaves can also be grown in a small container, as they can grow quite fast and be producing leaves to eat within a few weeks. Choosing a cut-and-come-again variety is an excellent idea as they can be re-harvested every few weeks. Individual specifications for growing can be found on the seed packet or seedling pot (in a garden centre) but for a general planting calender:

Summer Herbs:

Parsley, Sweet basil, Coriander, Summer savory, Sweet marjoram and Salad burnet.

Year-round Herbs:

Rosemary, Wild marjoram (also known as oregano), Winter savory, Mint, Sage, Chives and Thyme

for Salad leaves:

Summer Salads:

Salad bowl, Lolla Rossa, Bijou, Catalogna, Oak leaf, Golden streaks, Mizuna, Corn salad (or "Lamb's lettuce") Salad rocket and Oriental mustards (such as "Giant Red")

Winter Salads:

Land cress and Winter purslane (or claytonia)

Year-round Salads:

Mizuna, Corn salad (or "Lamb's lettuce") Salad rocket and Oriental mustards (such as "Giant Red" in Summer and "Green-in-Snow" in Winter)

While most herbs and salads provide ample produce for the space they need, Rocket requires a much larger distance between seedlings than most other varieties (about 15cm (6in) compared to an average of about 3cm (1in) for most Salads.


Plant-Grow-Cook-With-Herbs.pdf - Complete guide to growing and using Herbs.

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Herbs are Special provides information on growing and using over 500 herbs, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and herbs for health.

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