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Grow Soft Fruit

Raspberry bush For many of us with limited space, growing a Fruit Tree is either impossible or completely impractical. Trees can take several years before producing fruit, as well as taking up valuable space and making the ground beneath them unable to grow anything at all. Whilst growing dwarfed trees in containers may be an option for you, the rest of us can make do with fruit from bushes. Soft fruits (as opposed to Top fruit which grows in trees) can be a great source of vitamins (C in particular) and tend to grow quickly and produce an abundance of fruit with little effort.

Blackberries are probably the easiest fruit to grow, requiring little attention to fruit heavily. Blackcurrants and Raspberries are also heavy producers as well as being relatively easy to grow. Strawberries can be quite labour intensive, but yield a higher income per acre than almost anything else, so should be considered if you intend to sell some of your surplus. Cranberries can be difficult to grow and produce little in comparison, so are not common in gardens. Blueberries are also fairly labour intensive compared to the amount produced and can take several years before they fruit. They are best suited to cold and high altitude conditions, and prefer a very acidic (4.5ph) soil.

Other Resources - Guide to planting, growing and picking soft fruit

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