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How to Make Biodiesel

Fuel Prices Biodiesel requires little or no modification to a diesel engine, and even runs more smoothly through your cars fuel system, requiring less servicing than diesel itself. Biodiesel can be bought from a few locations but is taxed in most countries at the same level as fossil fuels. As countries such as the U.K allow some production (2,500 litres) to be tax free it is possible to produce your own bio-diesel for less than half it's retail cost. Whilst some more extreme fuel products exist on the market which can enable you to make fuel cheaply and easily, these have not been officially tested and verified (by a thousand engines running for a thousand hours) to allow commercial sale of the fuel produced.

Biodiesel is extremely cost efficient if you can gain a regular supply of free waste oil. Many restaurants have a contract with the firm who supply their oil to take it away as well, and some use palm or tallow oil which is unsuitable for biodiesel production. Family owned restaurants, pubs and bistro's can be good sources of waste oil, as well as Italian and Chinese takeaways (although some chinese oil can block filters with tiny bits).

While it's entirely possible to build your own reactor for very little cost, there are many other processes (other than the main chemical reaction) that would make it a very involved and time consuming hobby. Biodiesel Processors require more investment initially, but can allow cheap bio-diesel to be made at home within hours, to a very high quality and with little technical knowledge. All biodiesel processors claim to do everything for you, but before purchasing one you should gain some knowledge of the process involved and ensure that your reactor will do all of these things for you:

  • De-Watering of the Waste vegetable oil.
  • Heating of the vegetable oil.
  • Taking the methoxide (Chemicals) into the process.
  • Reacting the vegetable oil.
  • Seperating the Biodiesel from the Glycerine and waste.
  • Water Washes.
  • Dries and polishes.
  • Filters down to 5 microns, ready for use.

If you're serious about producing your own fuel, you should consider buying an eBook such as Biodiesel Fuel Online, which will give you detailed advice on the processes involved, and the best way to do them on a small scale. Recently there has been a growing interest in powering your car using Hydrogen, and a new product is available which teaches you how to run your car using water as well as gas or diesel by turning water into hydrogen. Check out Hybrid Water Power to see if using H2O is a good solution for you.


Biodiesel-Guide.pdf - Information and advice on small scale biodiesel production.

Biodiesel-Primer.pdf - More Scientific information on turning waste oil into biodiesel.

Other Resources - Official site of the National Biodiesel Board - UK biodiesel equipment suppliers

Diesel Secret Energy - System which produces fuel similar to Biodiesel, without the need for expensive equipment.

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